The Maa’s Dal Story

Fresh, authentic ingredients from our family to yours. 

Maa means mother in Hindi, and dal is the food of my childhood. After moving to Australia, I would only eat dal when I went home to India, as ‘dal’ here just didn’t taste the same. 

One day I was missing home, and maa offered to teach me her recipe over Skype. I began practicing and perfecting, and soon the smells of my childhood home were in my kitchen again. As time went on, I added to my mother’s recipe and made it my own.  It evolved from a traditional made dal that is had with rice or roti, to a dish that can be had as a soupside or main.

When I met my partner, Ahlam, I couldn’t wait to make it for her. Her reaction was amazing: “Oh my goodness!” We continued to have this dish over the years in more ways than one.

As a couple, we always liked to be healthy and eat food that is genuinely good for us, so we made this recipe all the time. However, making a good dal can be time-consuming, and with our extremely busy careers, we noticed we were starting to grab unhealthy pre-made food or even takeaway for dinner.

We thought, "how incredible it would be if every busy person or family could have something as delicious and healthy as my Maa’s dal, whenever they wanted".

Fresh, healthy, and guilt-free, Maa’s Dal is now made with love and all natural ingredients so you can bring it home and fill your families’ bellies with the goodness of real food. Go on, make Maa proud- try it for yourself.

Yours in good health,


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