Good ingredients, good health

Our product really is what it says on the label—Pure nCure. Below are some more of the numerous health benefits of eating this food.



Low Fat

Maa(s) Dal has only 2.61 grams of fat per serving, which equates to only 4% of your daily intake.

Lentils offer the unique benefits of being high in protein and fibre, low in fat, and rich in slow-digesting carbohydrates that keep you feeling full and satisfied longer than other foods. On top of that, they are loaded with B vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. Lentils and other legumes make a nutritious addition to any healthy diet, whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your overall eating habits.

High Fibre

Maa(s) Dal provides you with 15.95 grams of fibre per serving, which is 53% daily intake of an average adult.

Lentils are rich in dietary fibre, both the soluble and the insoluble type. They are undigested, which means they will pass out of our bodies. Insoluble fibre encourages regular bowel movement, prevents constipation, and helps prevent colon cancer, while soluble fibre reduces the risk of heart disease and regulates blood sugar for people with diabetes. Men need at least 30 to 38g, and women, 20 to 25g of fibre each day. And one cup of cooked lentils provides more than 15 grams of dietary fibre.

No Cholesterol

Not only do legumes and lentils contain zero cholesterol, they can actually help lower cholesterol levels, a problem faced by many Australians. Recent research showed that LDL cholesterol was reduced by five percent in response to eating 130 grams of pulses per day, less than half of a recommended serving of Maa(s) Dal. 

Naturally gluten and lactose free, our food is suitable for people with dietary restrictions.

Lastly, it is good for the planet.

We use food-grade, BPA free packaging, which is recyclable. Our packaging is also dishwasher and microwave safe, which means you can reuse for anything you need.

As you can see, our products are the result of combining superfoods (no nasties ever!) and making them tasty, healthy, and convenient.

Ready to get some dal on your table?